Guest Stars…

So far, this blog has been doing ok. Granted, I am only 2 posts in (this making it 3) but none the less, I am content with what is happening with it all. I have this handy little thing that tells me how many times my pages have been viewed, what country they belong to, and all of that jazz. There has been a surprising number of people that have viewed this blog already… and for that, I really thank you! I am also surprised by the number of people that have viewed this internationally. Now, the number is not some extravagant number, but it is there. So from where ever you are viewing this blog, thank you.

That also leads me to my point of saying that, I would love any kind of feedback. I would like to know what you like and what you don’t. I promise I will try not to take it to heart when you tell me.

This post is mostly going to consist of the people that play an important enough role in my life, that require their own introduction. I have given them all a nickname and I will give a little (or maybe a big) blurb about each one of them and how they play a role in my life.

Because of things that have happened in my past, I need to make sure I keep a sense of anonymity to this. Now, if you are following this, and you are close to me, it will probably be quite the boring guessing game when you try to place the nicknames with the people in my life, but I need to make sure I protect the names and information of the people around me, to ensure their safety.

If you are reading this, and you are not in the list, please do not feel offended. You, too, play an important part in my life. I mean no offense if you thought that you would have fit into this list. There is always room for change. As time goes on and my memory takes a stroll down its lane, I will probably realize that I have missed you.

This list is probably going to be ever-changing, and something I will always be adding to. So again, I really mean no offense to anyone that feels that should have been in this list, and is not. If you feel that I missed you, please feel free to have a conversation with me about this.

Now the people that will be included in this list, may have played a good role in my life, or may have played a not so good role in my life. But, none the less, they have played roles in my life that has helped shape me into the person that I am today.. and I mostly like that person, so I give thanks. They are people that will appear in this blog on some type of regular basis. This post is for you to get the understanding of the foundations I have with these people.

So now, for the following people in my life (in no particular order)..

Brittney Jo- this is me. I am not hiding my name, because I want to be authentic about who I am as a person, and the author of this blog. I will be having another post about things I like, and all of that jazz. I also have a whole section to talk about me. So I will leave you with my name.

Witch Baby- This is my beautiful blue-eyed baby that was born two days after my birthday. he is growing into such a smart and intelligent baby boy. I have never loved someone so whole-heartedly as I do, this precious little soul. I love him to infinity and beyond. Now people ask why I call him my ‘witch’ baby.. a few different reasons I have for this. Before I go into those reasons, I want to make clear, that the term ‘witch’ is not something that carries negative connotation. I use this term to describe a person that has a way of ‘knowing’ things and exerts a certain energy that I pick up on. While I was pregnant with my precious baby boy, I saw deer. Now, granted where I live, there are always deer, but I saw an obscene amount of deer, and deer that would just have this extra long stare right at me, like they were trying to communicate. When I moved into my apartment and I was setting up the nursery, across the street is a little field, and I saw a mama deer, and 2 little baby fawns always playing in the field. Those said deer, also on 3 different occasions jumped out while I was driving down the road and sat and stared for a moment or two. It was like they were trying to communicate again with me. To top it all off, my little peanut was born on the Buck full moon. Coincidence? maybe, but I think that is something more.

Momma Bear- where, oh, where do I start about my mother (also known as Nana to the witch baby)? She is one of my best friends and she has been there for me when I have been at my rock bottom. We have been through so much together, and I would not be anywhere close to the person I am now, without her. We are super close, and we talk almost every day.. sometimes more than once a day. Don’t get me wrong, we are super close, but we also have our hard times. We can get on each others’ nerves, we know how to get the best of each other, and we let our attitudes get the best of us. When it comes down to it though, my momma bear is someone that will always have my back and support me when I have no one else left.

My momma is a very passionate person. She has been through a great deal of bull crap in her life. She is a fighter. She can definitely let her emotions get the best of her, but she always comes out on top. It is rare to get an apology from her, but she will just kind of start up a conversation a few days later like nothing have happened, but then be able to joke about it all later on.

Daddy-O- Where to start with my dad. I really have no idea where to start with this one. I guess to start with, he is not accepting of this blog, and I think he may be the one person that does not support me in this. That is his choice. It would not be the first time that he has not supported me. We are very much water and oil. We do not mix. Now my dad is a pretty intelligent person, but the relationship we have, has always had to be on his terms. He has caused pain, hurt, and has said and done things that most people would never forgive. So you may ask, why do I continue to have a relationship with him.. well until you are in a position where you don’t have a relationship with your father (but your siblings do) it is hard to just let it go. I mean what little girl (or grown woman) doesn’t want to have that kind of relationship with their father (or any family member for that matter). We have butted heads basically my entire life. Now don’t get me wrong, my father has been down right mean to me.. and has done some crazy kind of emotional abuse to me, but we mostly have worked through that. We have not really ever talked things through about what happened in our past, but we just kind of moved past it. Anyone else notice that trend of people not really apologizing, and just moving on with life like it didn’t happen, or it isn’t worth talking about it at all.. this will come into play with how I am and react to things.. not that it makes it right, but old habits can die hard. My dad is a very different person than he was from when I was growing up.. there are definitely still some faults, but I will say I think a great deal of maturing has happened from him.

Now my dad is a very intelligent person. He knows how to manipulate different situations (this is not always a negative thing). He is very handy, and has grew up in the trades, and comes from a family of trade workers. He is good with his words, and careful in his actions. He has helped me out in different ways, and I am always grateful for those times. We have missed out on many different opportunities to have a relationship, and have had years go by (sometimes on and off; sometimes consecutively) without speaking. He is one of the people that taught me at a young age that I need to have tough skin and do things for myself – intrinsic motivation (I also did things to prove people wrong – and he was always one of them).

As of right now, I am mostly going to hold off on the posts about my father. They will have their appearance, don’t fear, but I am going to let the tension die down a little before I start in that aspect of my blog. Don’t worry.. there is plenty of other things that I can touch on, before I get to that part of my life.

Regina- This is the fake name that I am giving to my dad’s wife. She and I have never been close. Now-a-days, we are able to converse and talk, but it always seems to be about superficial things. Never have we had heart to hearts. Now, we have never had a good relationship, in fact, we had a horrible start to our relationship. It was not until the time that my father and I most recently reconnected that we actually were able to say more than a greeting and a goodbye. I never had this kind of relationship with her daughter, and I am grateful for that, because I have always liked (and like)the relationship I have with my step-sister.

Sissy- My little sister is a spitfire that is for sure. She is stubborn yet sensitive. When she is determined, stay out of her way, She can hold a grudge almost as good as me, and when she has a point that she is trying to prove.. you best believe that she is going to prove it. She has always been my go to growing up. Once college started, we kind of got distant, which is to be expected.. but it definitely made me sad. Once I got pregnant, we became a lot closer. One thing that is hard with our relationship is that she lives 3ish hours south of me. It is hard for us to find time to get to see each other, so we make sure to touch base with each other. We don’t really know what is always going on with each other, but we know our boundaries with each other and are not afraid to say things that will upset the other one. My sissy is creative and probably the best baker that I have ever met, and that has no bias attached to it.

Another thing to mention about my sister is that her and our momma bear have not spoken in a long time, and I am not sure when (if) they will be able to work past their tension. It sometimes puts me in the middle, because I talk with momma bear all the tine, but I also talk to my sister.. and if either of them gets brought up, I usually just try and stay neutral.

Ronald Fanboy- My little brother has been someone that I have always been close with. We rarely fight, and when we do, it is resolved very quickly. My brother has been influenced by me very much, and I am very glad of that. We are able to have normal conversations, and he listens to me when I need to knock some sense into him. His whole life, we have spent a lot of time with.

My brother has a good heart, but it is often pulled in many directions. He hates confrontation and anxiety can take control of him. It makes me a little sad, but I am usually there to offer some solid advice to him. We are pretty similar, but the difference is, I will usually stick up for myself (or others) and my brother is pretty passive and wants to avoid those kinds of things.

My brother is younger than me, and has a sense of immaturity about him sometimes. This is not something I normally hold against him. He likes video games, to hang out with his friends and girlfriend, video games, soccer, video games, going out to eat, and videos games. Very often we used to invite him and the boys over.. they would bring their TVs and PS3/PS4 (depending on the time frame) and we would all just game. It has always been a good time.

Texas- My brother’s girlfriend is not from Texas, but that is just the name that she has gotten over the years. She is a blonde and sometimes it really shows through. She is a really great person, and has a big heart. She is known for being loud, but that is just her personality. She unapologetically herself, and I think that is one of her greatest qualities.. although sometimes I like to pick on her for her loudness. If a stranger ever came into some of the conversations we have with each other, they may think we hate each other.. and we don’t (at least I don’t hate her, in fact I like her very much). We have always been blunt to each other, but we can turn right around in the next sentence and tell each other how much we love each other. It is not a relationship that can be had by many, because too many people would take things to heart, but we are both very bold people and we understand that about each other.

Grandma and Grandpa- Momma Bear’s parents have been close with me my entire life. I couldn’t think of a fun nickname for them, yet. Maybe I will, and maybe they will just have a plain and to the point name. I have spent many nights and weekends and breaks with them. I have always been around adults, and my grandparents were my favorite people to spend time with. They are also the people the Big D and I have care for the witch baby while we are at work.

My grandma has a birthday that is two days before time. She has a big heart, and is very bad at showing her emotions. She can be stuck in her ways, and that is not because of her age, she is just stubborn. She has always been a person that I am able to vent to, but I have to be careful, because she can hold things against people for a while. She tries to understand different things that I go through or that I talk about, but some things just don’t always click with her. That is just how she is. You have to catch her in a good mood in order to talk about certain things, otherwise her mind is shut off or she plays the ignorance card. Regardless, when it comes down to it, she has good intentions and has good morals. I will admit, my grandma has had a kind of wild past, but she likes to play innocent. I like to rile her up with some crazy things I do, and play into how she reacts to me.

Since I have always been close with my grandparents, it is not so weird that they have also been involved in the developing relationship I have had with Big D. My grandma took a liking to him, more than me most of the time. So once we split, my grandma took it hard, and honestly, it still really upsets her. I don’t necessarily blame her for that, but sometimes she lets her emotions get the best of her, and she can be rude to Big D. This is what gets me angry, because if anyone knows that Big D is a good person, it is my grandma.

My grandpa is the first and only man that has been a constant in my life. He has a soft spot for me, and an even softer spot (is that possible) for the witch baby. My grandpa has a heart of gold, and would do anything for anyone. He is always willing to help a person out if he can, and is the nicest soul. He rarely gets angry, but when he does, you better watch out, because you know it is well deserved. He is usually the quiet one, but will stick in a funny or witty comment.

All of my life, I have been able to count on my grandpa for support or to just listen to me vent. He is the one person that I can vent to, and he doesn’t really say anything back. I appreciate this. Sometimes I will get a couple clarifying questions or a few head shakes, but mostly.. he just listens. Not too many people are able to do that. Growing up, when I would stay at my grandparents’ place, he would do all kinds of things with me. He would put me on his shoulders and we would watch the Packers practice, we would visit different parks (usually multiple in a day), we would watch TV Land shows or cartoons (my grandpa is really a kid at heart). Now as an adult, he has also been there for me. Because of the rough relationship I have always had with my dad, I have always wanted my grandpa to walk me down the aisle. He did just that, without any hesitation, when I asked, he accepted. I am very grateful have the relationship with my grandparents, that I do.

Big D- No the name has nothing sexual to it. He is one of 3 boys, that all have the same initial, so a while ago, I nicknamed them – Big D, lil’ D, and littlest D.

So this is probably one of the most important people in my life.. past, present, and future. I have grown up with this person, and he has been my rock on more occasions than I can count. He was my best friend, and I still remain pretty good friends with him (although sometimes that is one of the hardest things I have to do).

In fifth grade, he moved to my city and was placed in my class. From then on, we have remained friends. We were ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ then. My family used to call me hot lips because of him, because for one Christmas he got me Smuckers chap stick. They used to joke around that I was going to marry him one day and all of that jazz. I even have a picture of us when we were in sixth grade together that was taken at a camp we went to for school. That picture kind of represented the start of us.

Throughout middle school and freshman we talked, not anything like super crazy, we each had boyfriends or girlfriends in between, but it was never anything super serious.

Sophomore year is when we really started talking and getting to re-know each other better. We started dating May 5th. From there we became inseparable. Over time, friendships kind of faded with other people, we still had a group of friends, and whatever, but we were normally content hanging out with our siblings or other family.

Throughout college, we stayed together, and our sophomore year together, and the year we officially moved in together, he proposed to me, on May 5th. (Don’t worry, more of these stories will appear eventually… I can’t tell the whole story here)

After I graduated college, and on our 9 year anniversary, we were married, on May 5th.

5 months later (October, for those of you that don’t want to do the math), I got pregnant. We were very fortunate, and we didn’t have to try for long. We always knew that we wanted to be parents. We had planned on a big family, and wanted between 3 and 5 kids.

That all changed when, in March, he started having an emotional affair with a girl at his work.. and then it turned into more. In his defense, he did tell me about things before anything physical happened between them. But it did not change the fact that 5 months pregnant and that we had been married less than a year. It went from 0 to 100 in the matter of weeks. As of April 1st, we officially decided to call its quits. Now, depending on who you ask.. he either did or didn’t cheat on me. I struggle with this, because I see his side of things, but ultimately he did. And that is something that we have talked about a lot. I mean after 10 years, how does a person do that.. and the effect is has on me as far as future relationships and the wall that I have built up, is kind of saddening. But, it made me stronger, because I always thought that I needed him, and I have learned over the last year, that I don’t. I need him because he is the father of our son, but I don’t need him like I thought I did. I don’t need to depend on anyone, because I have myself, and I am strong.

We share a corgi, Radar, and have a cat, Elvis. Elvis lives with me, and Radar lives with him. (By the way, those are their real names). Once I have a place of my own, with a yard, we will also be sharing custody of the pup love.

I am not saying that it was an easy thing to do, but I did work my hardest to not hate him, and to try and understand where he was coming from. I knew that I wanted our son to have parents that were at minimum friends. So I did things the hard way at first, in order to have things be easy long term. It would have been very easy to hate him, but long term that would be a horrible thing for not only our son, but for us. It is very hard to turn 10+ years of friendship off.

He was there for the birth of our son, and he is an excellent father. He has helped me very much throughout the new journey of parenthood. The love he has for witch baby is incredible, and I love seeing the bond they have already.

Now I am not going to lie and say I don’t love him, because I do. BUT, I am not in love with him or ever want to get back together with him. We have gone through too much, and I can forgive but I can never forget. Even as far as forgiving, I am not fully at that point. That is something that I am still working through, which I think is fair. I know, you’re maybe reading this and thinking that this is so messed up, and how can this happen.. well it did. I am not sure how it did, and I am not sure he really knows either. It sounded like we had the storybook romance. In fact, our wedding theme was a ‘happily ever after’ theme.. like we made our own love story kind of thing.

He really is a good person, and I think many people associate his cheating with him as a whole. I mean even his family did that. For a time, shortly after we split, I was the one that was sticking up for him and convincing people that he is a good person. He did a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean that he is a horrible person. Kind of messed up when you think about it, right? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you only get to hear the perspective of me throughout this blog, but I genuinely mean it when I say that he is a good person. He has, and will continue to do some crappy things, but it is not like he is not remorseful, or can’t look back and admit his faults.

One thing I am very adamant about, is that I REFUSE to allow anyone around our son, that bad-mouths either parent. This was hard for some of the people in my family. After some serious conversations I had to have, I think I made my point clear. This was not a way to use my son as a pawn, but a way to protect my son from hearing horrible things said about his parent. No child wants to be around that (trust me, I know this from personal experience.. even if that person is a horrible person or did horrible things). It makes things awkward for a kid, even as an adult. I didn’t want people to get in the habit of that while the witch baby is still a baby, and grow up hearing that.

As for now, we share custody of our son. We have worked things out, and we have been pretty much agreed upon things as far as our divorce. Did I mention we are getting divorced.. well I hope I shouldn’t need to say that, because, like, who stays with someone that has put you through hell and back, when they were supposed to be your one safe place?

He is still with the girl that he cheated on me with. They are expecting a baby 4 days after the first birthday of the witch baby.

Mistress- This is the girl that he cheated on me with. He hates when I call her this, but I don’t really care, that is what she is. She willing and knowingly partook in an affair with a married man that had a baby on the way. The least she could have done was wait until he had officially left me. But she is a manipulator on all fronts. And Big D is blind to it.

I describe their relationship as someone who has a street drug addiction. Now I am not blind to the world, I have a cousin who had an actual drug addiction to some pretty heavy stuff. But the beginning of their relationship really mirrored those kinds of behaviors in Big D. It was very hard to see. Now he is on a much better track.

So anyways, this blonde girl worked with Big D, and right from the start (a year before Big D and her had any kind of romantic connection) I did not like her. I got horrible vibes from her, she was rude, snotty, and just trashy. (I have been told by the Beast that maybe this is because I was picking up on what was to come).

Once she started this relationship with Big D, she handled things horribly. She never told her boyfriend at the time that she was seeing Big D, spending nights in hotels with him, etc. (Yes that is right, she had a boyfriend.. one of 7 years. She lived with him and his twin.)

At one point, right before the witch baby was born, I tried to reach out to her, and be nice, but it did not work. I can not get past her fake-ness, manipulation, and horrible self. She makes me shiver with horrible energy. Basically any encounter I have with her is minimal, and always negative. From what Big D tells me, she basically feels the same way about me, just not extreme. I don’t say this about many people, but I HATE her! I guess she doesn’t hate me, but she isn’t fond. I tell Big D this often, at this point in my life, I would not care at all if he was with someone else, just not her. He jumped from one relationship, into another… while overlapping them. He does not know how to be alone, and that makes me sad for him, because it is a very empowering feeling.

Lil’ D- This is Big D’s middle brother. He has a heart of gold, and is just an all around good guy. He likes to work with his hands and he is good at what he does. He has been there for me, when I needed to vent or talk about things. He is kind of a simple guy. Not in a bad way at all, but he doesn’t really overthink things. So when I want to talk about something and I just want an upfront answer, I go to him.

Since I have split from Big D, I have not gotten all of the opportunities to see his family as much as I would like, but they have all made it very clear, that I am always welcome to come around, and this warms my heart.

Lil’ D lives across the hall from Momma Bear. My brother and the boys (Lil’ D and Littlest D) are all very close. It makes the ‘family’ dynamic sometimes a little hectic, and it is hard to separate things for me, because we are all so intertwined.

Martha- This is the face with many names. So many times, she has used a fake name in the most random times. It is just a random, but natural reaction to her. She is one of my best friends, and in our wedding, she was my maid of honor.

Martha is has a heart of gold and she is one of those pure souls that compliments strangers, and does is so genuinely. She is a very sensitive person, and sometimes that can be her fault, but I love her for it. She has a loving heart, and is always trying to make things pleasant. She gives people the benefit of the doubt, and likes to make everyone feel welcome.

This is a person that has been in my life for a while, and we have had our fair share of fights. We tell each other how things are, and because of the sensitive side to both of us, we can take it to heart, and sometimes takes things a little too far.

Littlest D- This is the youngest of the boys. I have watched this little cry-baby boy grow up into a smart, mature, wise young man. He always plays neutral and does not like conflict. He likes to joke around (sometimes takes things a little too far) but never comes with bad intentions. While I was living with the in-laws for a while, he was always someone that I could give a look to, and he would know what I was talking about.

I can talk to this kid about some funny meme that I saw posted, or we can have mature intellectual conversations or debates. He comes up with the most random dinner table topics, but always makes things interesting and intense. I love the way his mind thinks.

Ever since he was like 10 years old, I would joke with him that we were in love. I do love the kid, but like a big sister loves her siblings. I love lil’ D, littlest D, and Martha all like they were my own siblings. I mean, really they are. They will always be.

In-Laws- Big D’s family will forever be my family. So his parents will forever be my in-laws, no matter of my legal marital status. To be honest, there were many times that they stepped up more than my parents have in some cases.

My mother-in-law (MIL) is a sweet soul. in the beginning, I was very intimidated by her quiet demeanor. It honestly took like 2 years before I really had real conversations with her. Big D used to tell me that she was just as intimidated by me as I was of her.

She is the ultimate matriarch of a family dynamic. She cooks, cleans, does laundry (even did the boys laundry… and put it away, until they moved out!) When someone says jump, the boys all do. This sometimes got on my nerves, because I never really have been able to understand it.

She is a God loving woman. Her faith is a big part of her life. She is also a very intelligent person. She loves reading, and it is rare to not find her, at night time, on the couch with a book (or her Kindle). She had Big D right out of high school, so she never got to pursue her goal of being a teacher. I think she would have been an excellent teacher, and she never wanted to go and pursue it after the boys all started school. She has been through a lot of things, and she always holds her head high. I admire her for that. She is an amazing mother, and I am so glad that she is still in my life.

My father-in-law (FIL) is kind of the opposite of my MIL, because he is just a goofy, smart-ass. You have to know that I say that in the most loving way. He would give you the shirt off his back, but he has been known for giving a person a hard time. This is something that I really liked. It made me feel comfortable in the family. He was able to not only dish out a good joke, but he was also able to take them.

He is very much like Lil’D, simple and hardworking. He enjoys the simple things in life, and he loves working with his hands. I can always count on him to help with anything, even if he doesn’t want to, he does it because he cares and he is just a good person. He doesn’t even question it, he just does it.

There is one thing that my FIL loves more than anything in the world, that is my MIL. I always joked that he loved her more than anything, and she loved the kids more than anything. He would do anything for that woman. True high school sweethearts (just like my grandparents).

They really are good people. I sometimes had my beef with them, and part of that came from my attitude (there is no hiding that), but when it comes down to it, they have really done so much for me. On a few occasions, they have given me a place to stay, helped with our wedding, and just done little things to help me (and Big D) out. The played a crucial part in my growing up.

Louise- My best friend is the Louise, and I am the Thelma. Together, we make a pretty good pair. Where I am more of the innocent one, she is more of the wild one. When I first met her, teaching, I was a little scared of her. She is not always the most approachable person. We warmed up to each other, and today, I don’t think I would have made it through the last year that I did the same way I did, if it wasn’t for her. We really became close because of our traumas and hurt we have gone through.

She has been through more hurt and pain than any person ever deserves. She is an amazing soul with so much love to offer, and has a tendency to self-sabotage sometimes. She is my go to when I want to vent, when I have some important decisions, and is always there to just be a great friend. I believe that the people in your life are there for a reason, and she is there to be a great friend. She never really judges and she gets angry for me in situations where I am not. She is a strong woman and is raising a little girl to be a mini-her (watch out world).

Love Bug- This girl was actually a student that I had when I taught high school. This is another person that has been through so much pain and hurt and trauma, and could have given up many many times, but didn’t. She is one of the strongest people I know. At 19, she has gone through more things than an average person, and doesn’t show it. She has a heart of gold and is literally always there for anyone when they need it.

I have had an interesting relationship with this girl. I started teaching at her school, and when I started, she hated me. I knew that I was at that school for a reason, and that reason was her. I was there to help her heal. I was there to be a person that didn’t run away from her. I had to show her what a good adult (I was barely an adult) was like.

Since my time as her teacher, we check in all the time. She is always aware of the things that goes on in my life, and is always there to listen to any kind of crazy idea I have. She is the ultimate hype girl, and encourages me to live my best life. She is also another crazy friend that I have. Compared to her, I am an innocent child, but I am broadening my horizons.

Words will never be able to explain how much I needed this girl in my life, or how much she needed me. We always joke that we are each other’s ‘keeper’. She knows my biggest secrets and all of my dreams. She never judges.. well she does, (who doesn’t) but she always just lets me know when she is concerned, but she never holds anything against me.

Together, we put the FBI to shame.

OG- This girl was my first, teacher friend. We have a strange relationship since we do not teach at the same school. As crappy as it is, we do not get to see each other nearly as often as we should. The way we compensate for the lack of seeing each other in person, is Snapchat. She often tells me that our streak is the second biggest commitment that she has (right behind her time with her husband). Not only do we share streaks, we are weirdos, and will send each other like 20 videos at a time on snapchat and communicate that way. Nope, we don’t call each other, we just snap. It allows up to respond when we have a chance. She has two little angels, and another on the way, and I have the witch baby. Life gets hectic, and we completely respect that about each other.

My Beast- This person came into my life about a month after Big D and I split up. He is my best friend, and I talk to him every single day. We share a past, but have decided to be best friends. You see, he lives over 1,000 miles away from me, and friendship is what the universe had in store for us. But it has been very clear that the universe wanted to bring us together in some way, that we always knew for sure.

This man is one of the strongest people I know. He has been dealt some of the most unfortunate hands, and given some of the most unrealistic circumstances, but he carries a smile on his face, and is still there for me no matter what I need. He has truly been my rock and my peace for the last year. He has seen me at my most vulnerable states, at my best place, and everywhere in-between.

He has been a guiding light to me. He brought me out of the darkest place I have ever been in my life. He is not afraid to tell me when I am being a brat, but he is always willing to listen to me. He offers some of the best support and advice, but always tells me when I am in the wrong.

We have had our fair share of fights, but we are always able to talk through our issues. We both have a stubbornness that can be hard to hide. He has a great sense of humor, but speaks very plainly. He says what he means and is one of the most caring people I have ever met. He is super intelligent, and a great teacher (although he will say he does not teach). He would help anyone he can, no matter what the circumstance, he is just a good soul all around.

He is a very spiritual person, and he mentors (is that a better word than teaches?) me through a lot of things that I have recently discovered and brought into my life. He is a healer and an energy worker, he crafts, and he works so hard. He does tarot readings and reiki (if you need a guy, this is your guy… it can even be long distance. I have had long distance reiki and I absolutely loved it!) He is an amazing father to two beautiful girls (his princesses). He has been on different quests and adventures that would blow your mind. But if you ask him about himself, he will say that he is just a guy dopin’ along.

Lover Boy- This man has come along, and things have just kind of flowed. I am not entirely sure what the future holds for us, but I know that there is definitely something there. Even the Beast told me that he could tell that someone was going to be coming into my life, and that he was going to be good for me.

He works third shift, so our schedules don’t always work out the easiest, but we have made things work so far. But he works hard, he is a mama’s boy, and has good values.

He brings a smile to my face. He is very sweet to me, and treats me like a queen. He is different from many guys. He is respectful and accepting of my past and my flaws. He is honest about things and really takes a genuine interest in me and my life. He does not always understand the things in my life, but he never is judging or makes fun of me (unlike some people in my family) and he tries to learn about those things he doesn’t understand.

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