This post is serving as a disclaimer for anyone that reads this blog. Although, the things that I am going to go over in this post, I would like to think are common knowledge… I want to make it known again, so you have no excuse for the way you utilize my blog or the content in it.

This blog is serving for the main purpose of myself. I am writing this blog because I want a way to share my story… and if people read it, cool beans… and if they chose not to, then there is no harm done. I obviously have all of you, that read the blog and give me feedback. You are all a very important part in this process, but let’s face it, if it wasn’t for my life, this blog wouldn’t exist. Together we form this relationship, that has birthed this blog.

Now, onto the disclaimer.. The information in this blog is based solely on my perceptions (that makes sense since I am the author).

I believe that there are three sides to every situation. My perception. Your perception. The truth. Now that is not to say that my view or your view is false, or exaggerated, but we come from past experiences that form the way we think and see the world. The truth, is purely objective.

The intention of this blog is not to lie, exaggerate, or misconstrue any kind of information. I am writing this, strictly from my perspective, with my past experiences shaping the way I see and saw the world.

This blog is not meant to try and shift your own perceptions on the events, thoughts, or even people that are written about. Now, I would like to hope that everyone has an open enough mind to consider the things that I talk about, and from there form your own thoughts or opinions based on everything that you know. It is ok to disagree or think something different. But this is not the place that I am trying to mind control you (if you are looking to have your mind manipulated.. I guess I could look into becoming some sort of person that does that.. but don’t get your hopes up.)

Another disclaimer, that was a joke.

There is no ill intent for anything or anyone that is talked about in this blog. If something upsets you, know that it was not the intent. I would love that feedback (I don’t just want positive, I appreciate the negative as well). This is my truth, and if you are upset by something in here, consider how I have come to feel about that portrayal, and what has shaped my life, to view a person/idea/event/ect. in the light that I have shown them.

Realize that there is so much more to the people that are in my blog. This blog is not a collaboration (that is a cool idea actually) to include other peoples’ views. If you do not like a way that you or someone else has been explained, invited them to write their own blog. Maybe even a different perspective.. I would totally feature those kinds of things on my blog.

These moments and topics that I blog about, are snapshots in the grand scheme of life. There is so much more than I would ever be able to capture in a person, idea, event.. anything really. The only real way to know the whole scope of things, is to experience those things for yourself, but you can’t, so that is why I have this blog.. to try and give you some kind of understanding… that is also why I have the this blog. I am just trying to understand.

I can also not stress enough, how therapeutic it is to write. In the few posts that I have written, there have been many emotions. Smiles. Tears.. both happy and sad. And anything in between.

I try to be unapologetically me. I am strong in my beliefs and stick to what I know to be true and pure. I have an open mind, and I love to hear other perspectives, on anything really… as long as you can have those kind of conversations in a mature fashion. I do not tolerate ignorance, or belittlement. I have dealt with enough of that in my lifetime to ever want another second of that. I will stick up for what I think is right, and never apologize for doing so.

Sorry not sorry.

Basically this post is just to remind all of you that this is not the ‘end all, be all’ / the ‘gospel truth’ / the ‘law of the land’. You are entitled, and encouraged, to form your own opinions and think for yourself.

I’m just a girl, finding my way. I love that you all are along for the ride, exiting whenever you need to, but have taken some kind of journey with me.

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