A New Series?

So clearly, I have not posted in a while. I have this thing that I feel like no one is going to want to read my blog unless it is a big long elaborate post about the world, or spilling the tea of my life. Maybe that is true. Truly, I love those posts. They bring me down into the deepest kind of reflection, and bring the greatest sense of healing to me. I want to continue those posts, but we all know that it takes a long time for me to get those posts live and published.

But I have also really discovered this love of writing. Now, I do not consider myself to be some great writer, in fact, it is the one part of schooling that I absolutely dreaded. From the encouragement of many family members, friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers, you have given me the encouragement to continue writing. It is a great hobby to do, but I give myself such a mental block because I am always trying to provide ‘quality’. I feel I really need to give a shoutout to The Beast for his encouragement in my writing. He is always pushing me to continue on this path and not give it up, and he is always there to listen to my crazy ideas and lets me bounce anything and everything off of him. It was no surprise, that this idea was something that I bounced off him as well.

So the other day I was went shopping, and like I always do, I went down the stationary aisle. I know, I have a problem. So anyways, as I was walking, this journal stuck out to me. So I picked it up, and kind of browsed it. It was a self-reflection journal, it was on clearance, and decided to put it in my cart. Now I already have about 10 of these, half filled in, and then tossed to the bookshelf, never to be touched again.

As I got home, I unpacked all the shopping bags and put this journal on my desk. Once I settled down for the night, I opened this book up, looked at the top of the page, with a writing prompt, and filled in a page. After a couple nights of filling in these pages, I had this thought – what if I just used these prompts on my blog? Now, I want to make sure that I give credit, where credit is due.

The name of this book is called A Journey Within: an introspective activity journal to help you get to know yourself better. This book is published by Piccadilly (USA). I will be using the prompts in this series to be my main focus of the posts.

My hope with this series, is that I will not have to completely come up with the topics of the posts – which can be draining and debilitating all in itself. So the less energy I have to put into the topic of the post, the more energy I have to put into the ‘guts’ of the posts. Hopefully having more energy to post more often and have more content for you all to interact with.

I really like this journal as well because it deals with a lot of the topics I have been reflecting on. It is all part of the healing process this blog was intended for, so I am hopeful and eager for this journey, and to share it with each of you.

So while this post does not contain one of the writing prompts, it gives you all a little insight as to what is coming. Please hold me accountable. I want to write, sometimes I get distracted and I need to be pulled back in.

As always, thank you for reading, and partaking in the journey of finding my way.

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