Here We Are Again…

It has been a while. If you are new here, I am attempting to create a cohesive blog, that is a little bit of anything and everything, all while finding my way in this human experience. If you are a returning reader, welcome back, and thank you for coming back to support this really inconsistent journey. You would think that after having this blog for over a year and a half, that I would have some sort or schedule or consistency, but apparently I am still finding my way through this too.

Anyways, things have definitely changed since I wrote last. I had started up the mini series from the journal that provided different writing prompts, and that seemed to be going well.. then the move happened, along with so many more things in my life, that I kind of lost my way in this blog. It isn’t that I haven’t thought of it.. I was just going through it all.

Chaos… but a peaceful chaos.

This past summer, I worked summer school for the first year. That was.. an experience. Let’s just say, I’m glad it is done. On top of that, we moved. That in itself was such a process – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I had a mixture of emotions through the process – happiness, sadness, nostalgic, angry, you name it, I felt it. It was the first place that was mine… all on my own. The place where I proved to the world, and most importantly, to myself, that I can do it on my own. It was also the first place that I got to bring the Witch Baby home to. It holds so many memories. Although I was only there for a little over two years, it will forever hold such a special place in my heart. But, we outgrew it. It was a great apartment to get me on my feet, but we moved on to a place that fits our lives better.

This move came at an interesting time. precise and perfectly placed. It felt like a reset for my life. Right around the start of a new school year. I feel like a new person. I am able to implement boundaries that I was never able to do before. I am focusing on my mental health. I have a toddler that keeps me on my toes. It all sort of feels like a fresh start. I am looking forward to the adventures that await us at this new home.

I spent this summer really focusing on myself and the witch baby. Which, mind you, is not a baby anymore. He is growing to be a strong, intelligent, curious, and amazing boy. Two going on twenty. I am very glad that despite all of the chaos that was unwinding in my life, he brought a different sense of peace to me. I still share 50/50 placement of him, so on the days that I did not have him, I worked on packing.. and then… unpacking. But, those days that I had him, I really focused on living in the present. I still included him in the process of packing and unpacking. This boy is so smart, and so willing to help… but I didn’t want to put too much work on the poor kid.

We really lived in the moment – something that I struggle a lot with. We spent way less time on phones, or watching TV. We took many adventures, even crossing state lines for some. Zoos, parks, pools, crafts, music, art, play.. you name it, we tried it. This was so good for my soul. His too. I am forever grateful for the universe choosing me to be his mama.

Currently, I am settling into a routine. Back to school has been a challenge, but we are getting there. Life in the new apartment is coming along. Therapy has been going well, and I have noticed such a change from when I first started going 9 months ago. My life is in constant flux, and there is always something.. but then again, isn’t everyone’s?

Slowly, but surely, I am getting back into the swing of things. Things are brewing with this blog. I am really hoping to be more consistent with this blog. It has to come eventually, right?

As always, thank you for reading, and partaking in the journey of finding my way. I appreciate all of the love and support. ♥️

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