Sense of Community

Welcome to another part of many in my A Journey Within series. If you’re new here, I am taking the writing prompts from the book/journal titled A Journey Withinan introspective activity journal to help you get to know yourself better. This book is published by Piccadilly (USA).

I am back again with another blog post. Having to isolate myself from the world really gives me some down time. The symptoms are starting to subside, which I am grateful for. Those body aches gave me a run for my money! I have also done a lot of sleeping. Not that I don’t already love sleep, but man I do it, a lot. I think it is a mixture between being sick and boredom. But either way, I am thankful for my health and that my body is able to heal itself from illness. But anyways, this kind of leads me into today’s blog post…

Do you have a sense of community? What does community mean to you?

“Community means that people come together around the table, not just to feed their bodies, but to feed their minds and their relationships.” – Henri. J.M. Nouwen

The word community is a multi-faceted word to me. There are many aspects of my life where the word community comes into play. The idea of having a sense of community has proven to be very strong with me, especially within the last couple week. I have had an outreach of love and support come through to help support me while I am in isolation. People sending their thoughts and putting me in their prayers and other good thoughts. But let me break this down a little bit more.

A sense of community within my family in friends has been shown by countless text messages, phone calls, and video chats checking in and seeing how I am doing. This has shown me who is really in my corner, and it is a really good reminder on those days I feel alone, literally and figuratively.

A member of the Tiger Team brought over a delicious Mexican dish. Momma Bear brought me over some fruit and my Granny’s apple dumplings. I had a lasagna delivered from some kind of program that I signed up for a few months ago. Daddy-O picked me up some meds. Momma Bear also brought over some meds. Along with many other people offering to bring me things if needed.

My co-workers have also really picked up the slack when it comes to my job. I have been able to rely on them for printing out my sub plans, checking in on my scholars, checking in on me. On top of being there for me anytime I need to vent about something, and working in the educational realm, it is a lot.

I’m thankful that my community extends in the coparenting realm because we were able to adjust and make plans to keep Punky away and safe while I isolate. Big D’s mom was able to care for Punky while our normal care was awaiting test results. While I realize that Big D being able to help me and not guilting me because of the ‘disruption’ to the schedule is something that just seems like common sense, I also realize that it is not the case for many people that try and coparent.

So even when I am in complete isolation, I am still so blessed to be a part of so many communities that are all willing to uplift me whenever I need it. Everything has proven to be precise and perfectly placed, although it feels like complete chaos. I am grateful for those around me that I consider part of my community. I do not even want to try and image where I would be if I did not have them to lean on in times of need. Especially because they just do it on their own, knowing that I will not ask for the help. I’m stubborn, what can I say – at least I can admit it.

As always, thank you for reading, and partaking in the journey of finding my way. I appreciate all of the love and support. ♥️

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